Yue Cheuk Chi (Hong Kong)


Residency duration: 12.1 – 12.31, 2012

Open studio in Kunming: 12. 21 – 12. 23

Ecology and Environment: “What We See” the Air Pollution in Kunming

Part 1  Air pollution series – Sick leave day

Sick leave day is a series about air pollution, the work describes the personal body reaction which brought by the rapid urban development; the work interacts with both images and text, indicates the air pollution issue for people has reached an intolerable threatened point.

co2 Medicine


Part 2  Air pollution series – Kunming City • Half the Sky

Kunming City • Half the Sky is a series of extend concept works about air pollution. Artist is trying to play a tourist role and photograph the urban city with iPhone. The series of work mainly use a photographic diary ways to record the relationship between Kunming urban development and its air quality.

Artists will use two weeks, 14 photos, to capture the city and its half sky background, causing the viewer to reflect on the rapid city development behind, Kunming citizen need to pay a heavy cost for this air pollution. The artist leaves half of the sky for you to think about your future.

12月11日 12月15日 12月14日 12月13日 12月12日 12月10日 12月9日 12月8日 12月7日 12月6日 12月2日 12月3日 12月4日 12月5日

Open Studio in Kunming

Workshop in Yunnan Art Institute
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