Exposition Internationale de Jeunes Artistes 2012 Kunmig



Exhibition opening: 11.2,8pm
Duration: 11.02 – 11.29
Venue: Contemporary Yunnan,A zone, Jin Ding 1919, North Jindingshan Lu No.24, Kunming, China

About :

Jeune artistes “young artists”
recuiting to the entire world, be ware of that not young in age, the age done not matter much, what really matters is if the haerts are young or not. An artist whose mind is creative, that is how we define ourselves
WORLD Exhibition
The concept of this exhibition is very simple and differs somewhat from how it’s usually done. In general, not everyone has the opportunity to visit China; artists wishing to participate the program can send their work via the Internet and”local artist team charge for installing for the exhibition. this exhibition is going to hold in studio3003, XI’an China, besides it will desplay itinerant exhibition, which includes Annecy France Geneva Swiss. And Kunming China..
No Choice
This call is no theme ,and no requirements .Fell free to show what you want to show ,please Well, you’re the boss. You call the shots.

Kunming Artists:
Liu Lijuan
Xue Ying
Bao Fusheng
He Jianguo
Zi Bai
Luo Bin
Yuan Qing
Yan Renkui
Deng Lei
Sun Jin
Bai Xuejuan
Zheng Yuan
Hu Yingxiang
Dou Guoyong
Li Yangxi
Ma Li

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