”The Dwarf” Theater Performance


Venue:Livestone House, A zone,loft·Jinding 1919,North jinding shan lu No.24
“The Dwarf” has been a very well known performance on the street theater circuit. It is Jeanmarie Bevort’s life work, a result of 30 years of performing in different countries throughout Europe.
After some incredibly successful try-outs in Kunming kindergartens in 2011, this unique performance will come to Yunnan for the second time in 2012. For attracting a wider audience, Fratelli Fiasco will take a hand-made wooden organ and will introduce new characters like a dragon and a crow. This will make for a truly unique theater experience.
The Dwarf is a piece in which the audience will interact with a very one of a kind character. While expressing the dwarf character, Bevort uses a clowning technique that is called “bouffon”. The piece is without language, as the dwarf speaks a language that only other natural creatures can comprehend. The humans in the audience should closely follow his behavior and expressions to figure out what is happening.

Video on the try-outs in Yunnan last year:
Main promotional videos on the dwarf performance in Europe:    



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