Art Discussions:The Economics of Contemporary Art — Branded Auctions


Guest Speaker: Ching Ching Cheng (USA/Taiwan) contemporary artist from LA, United States)

Time:2011.9.16. 20:00-21:00

language:Chinese & English

Location943 Space, A Zone, Loft·JinDing 1919,North Jinding Shan RoadNo.15,Kunming

Tel:0871- 5385159

Contemporary art is non-traditional and was created after 1970, or that a major auction house has offered it or a similar work by the same artist as “contemporary.” Contemporary art overlaps with everyday objects, particularly when the ability to draw or to sculpt is replaced by conceptual art. In contemporary art, the greatest value-adding component comes from the most famous branded auction houses: Christie’s and Sotheby’s. They attract status, quality, and celebrity bidders with impressive wealth. New York and London are the two nerve centers of the world market for high-end contemporary art, and they are where branding is most evident. Branding plays a very important role in the contemporary art society nowadays, and has dramatic impact on the economics of contemporary art. We will take a look on what happens on the auction evening, and discuss the relationships between artists, dealers, auction houses, and collectors.

1.What is contemporary art?
3.The secret world of auctions
4.Dealers v.s. collectors v.s. artists v.s. auction houses


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