Create Your Own Selves

CAMPOBAG established under the continue of CAMPO in 2008. What to continue is my persistence of CAMPO and the existence of the feelings. Although many creators don’t know that what CAMPO is or feel that CAMPO has been already disappeared, I have been feeling the beginning day of CAMPO. In the afternoon, 欣仪 and I with friends moved tables chairs together.

Thanks CAMPO for making me feel pursuing my own fine and thanks欣仪 for keeping insisting since 2005 till now. For the past several years, CAMPOBAG has kept continuing the good parts of markets, also finding that because we live with creating and use our viewpoints to look the world, we are truly willing to face the facts and realities. Even if those times of pure happiness have left little after facing the realities, what makes me think of is that we should put our efforts to present the things we pursue and we shouldn’t be afraid that nobody will follow. Since we have already put our money into it, seeing that friends beside us doing at all costs to pursue themselves, we should keep working hard!

This year, CAMPOBAG wants to make some changes and give some tries. We want you guys create your own selves. Creating is the basis of everything. Without creation, everything won’t happen. We will make great efforts to let the “creations” take place. Certainly, the following “creations” will be related with everything. We hope that the slogan “Bring Art Go” of CAMPOBAG can let everything happen naturally.

• Bring Your Attitude

• Complete the self creations-Bring Your Attitude

• Art Yourself

• The unlimited form of creations-Art Yourself of

• Go Action

• Share your self with more people-Go Action

Send your work to with name, no limitation of the art form.

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