Open Call – “The 5th Kunming Creative Fair (943 Studio)”

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Come and join us, artist/designer/handicraftsman, we are getting together here at Loft! come and exhibit your creative products and share them with other people in this bazaar!

Vision of the Fair: Encourage creativity, and let art become part of your daily life…Do It by Yourself!!

Orginser: 943 Studio
Time: September 11th -12th , 2010, everyday 11:30am-22:00pm
Place: TCG Nordica, Loft, Xi Ba Road no.101, Kunming

Bazaar products to sell:
Original designs or handicrafts, you can use old things and materials to make something new and functional! E.g. toys, illustrations, things for wear, sound… limits! If your idea is original, you can apply to participate!
Your idea must be original!!

There will be room only for 40 participants!
You can write a free application to:
Please include photos of your product and inform us your contact details.
Deadline of the application: August 30th, 2010

You will be informed if your application is accepted before September 5th, 2010.

Information for the Applicant:
1, You can only apply for one booth/space(size: 1.5m2), 150yuan/each booth. If you will be accepted you can’t rent this space to others.
2, The orginsers have the right to refuse your application.
3, You can arrange your booth in your own creative way. If you have any special needs please inform us in advance.
Date and time of preparing your booth: 14:00pm-23:00pm, September 10th .
4, No food is allowed by your booth.
5, The booth owner has the responsibility of his/her own products. He/she has to be available for the customers at all times.
6, If there is anything we haven’t thought about your comments are welcome.

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