BLITZFILM Festival on Tour



Time: November 15 Thursday 20:00-21:30

 Venue: Contemporary Yunnan,A zone, Jin Ding 1919, North Jindingshan Lu No.24, Kunming, China

Organizer: Filmgruppe Chaos, Contemporary Yunnan

Project Director: Karsten Weber

Special Project: Kinemastik International Short Film Festival

Project Director: Slavko Vukanovoc(Malta)

Live Show: Igor Malesevic,the famous percussionist in Serbia

BLITZFILM   Filmgruppe Chaos (Chaos Film Group) is one of the earliest independent film groups. Since 2006 BLITZFILM emerged, they have shown many excellent German short movies to Chinese audiences.

BLITZFILM is not a touring fair of German movies, but a cross-culture performance, which is for promoting the public view of movie. For years, they pay close attention to movies and society, and the media view on the co-opetition relationship between Germany and China, under the new trend of the world.

For a long time, BLITZFILM devotes itself to promoting the positive view on China’s internationally effort and contribution, and to making Chinese audience know more about the real living conditions in German contemporary society. At the same time, they keeping following the development in China, they hope they can witness the rapid leap in financial terms in China, and the result of the effort they did in religion, human rights and freedom. They don’t want to promote German culture of stereotypes, and hope to dismiss the prejudice to China society. The conversation between the staff and the audience will influence on the movie projection immediately. BLITZFILM tends to echo the local environment naturally, and change the environment with the staff, to perform together with the local artists, even dub.


Kinemastik International Short Film Festival

Kinemastik is a non-governmental cultural organization, it was established in Malta, and is responsible for the activities, including showing movies, lectures, exhibitions, concert, and so on. The Kinemastik International Short Film Festival, which was held in August is the climax of this project. Kinemastik strives to offer a platform for young filmmakers, and set up a worldwide network in the way of movie projection. At the same time, a series of lectures and workshops for master class is an important channel for communication and building relationship.

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