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My Body is Mostly Water by Kay S Lawrence

Kay S Lawrence’s work addresses the boundaries of nature and culture, developing parameters and perspectives that embrace fractures and dislocations of time/space continuum and the precarious balance in which our fragile natural environment resides.


Krzysztof Debicki(Canada)Kunming Building Research



Improvisation Dance Workshop by Vangelis Legakis

Improvisation Dance Workshop by Vangelis Legakis Date: May 10, 17, 24, 31, 19-21:30pm Fee: ¥420 (¥120 per time) Workshop is conducted in English with Chinese translation Booking: 65385159 Venue:ContemporaryYunnan Gallery, A zone, Jin Ding 1919•Loft, North JinDingShan Lu No.24, Kunming(650031),Yunnan, China Vangelis will teach principles of dance and energy work focusing on the six […]