Jedsada Tangtrakulwong (Thailand)


Jedsada Tangtrakulwong (Thailand)

Artist-in-residence period: April 1 – July 1, 2011

Artist’s statement
Since 2005, site-specific installation has become a main focus of my work. When I visit an unknown room or building, I spontaneously explore the architectural structure and interior of the site. I examine what part of the structure makes that particular space different from others. Thereafter, I use the distinctive part of the space as a starting point of the process of making work of art. The exploration of the space and its surrounding in a new location gradually become an essential part of my artistic concept.
In the process of making and installing the works, I usually worked as a team. I collaborated with artists, assistants, university students, technicians and part-time workers. My works are changed and shaped by a group of people whom I collaborated with. In some of my installations, viewers have become an essential part of the installation.

Events in Kunming:

May 9, Lecture “Art and Architecture” at audio-visual classroom, the first floor ofthe new teaching building, Yunnan Arts Institute, Chenggong, Kunming, China.

April 26- May 2, “Chuxiong Yi Ancient Town 2011 1st installation festival, Chuxiong Yi Ancient Town”
Concept: For the 1st Installation Festival in Chuxiong Yi Ancient Town, I’ll create a site – specific installation at a porch area of a building. The installation will  consists of five small sculptures which are inspired by the architectural elements of Chuxiong Yi Ancient Town. Sculpture come in different shapes  and sizes, are made of wood. Each of the sculptures will be suspended from the ceiling by a string or wire attached, and will be hung above head level.


“Growth”  at “Sounds of Dust” exhibition
47 x 9 x  814cm(overall dimensions)
47 x 8.6 x 10 cm (Each)
Site Specific Installation
1mm. cold rolled steel plate, oil paint

Concept: This work is inspired by the gradual environmental changes of three sites where I’ve been living and working in Kunming; a studio, a parking lot and an apartment. A studio and parking lot locate in the area where a factory are converted into loft style offices and shops. On a daily basis, I see shops and offices from scratch and slowly build up. At my apartment, I see the growth and development of plants which I water everyday. All changes take time to become effective. Each piece of my works is slightly different in form. To see the change of form, the work can be observed either from top to bottom, or bottom to top.

Special Thanks to: Kunming Xin Ding Culture Communication Co., Ltd, 943 Studio


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