Michael Downs (Australia)


Residency duration: 11.1-12.31

 “The Kunming Suite” Solo exhibition
Openning: 2012/12/7  8:00pm
Exhibition duration:12.7–12.23

Venue: Contemporary Yunnan, A zone, Jin Ding 1919, North Jindingshan Lu No.24, Kunming, China

Cooperation: 40 Years Australia-China, 40 Years Australia in South China, Department of Foreign Affirs and Trade of Australian Government


About the Exhibition:

Australian artist Michael Downs has exhibited his shaped and constructed paintings internationally in several hundred shows, including the Pompidou Centre, Paris and the Centro Di Cultura Contemporanea, Barcleona. Now working from a studio in Songzhuang Artists’ Village, Beijing, he has produced a long series of‘China Works’; shaped paintings which reflect the Euclidean order and fractal Chaos, linearity and non-linearity and ‘rectangle-bursting’ energy of modern China. At Contemporary Yunnan, Michael Downs will be working as a resident artist for two months on a painting/installation called The Kunming Suite. Ten multi-part paintings will flow across the walls of the gallery, reflecting the dynamism, complexity and contradictions of the twenty-first century city.

Exhibition in kunming:


Pevious Works:



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