“My grandfather was a Freemason and I build the house” Installation Exhibition



Zurich – Kunming Artist-in-residence Exchange Program 2011 at 943 Studio

 “My grandfather was a Freemason and I build the house” Installation Exhibition
By Chantal Hoefs (Zurich)

Reception: 2011.10.21, 19:00
Artist Art Presentation: 2011.10.21, 20:00
Assistant: Zhang Xuemei
Interpreter: Li Jianbo, Billy Yates (USA)
Open Hours: 11:00-17:00pm
Location:943 Space, A Zone, Loft•JinDing 1919, North JinDing Shan Road No.15, Kunming
Tel: 0871-5385159

About The Exhibition:
– The hole in the ground had been dug well with a soup spoon and the guinea pig had plenty of room.
– When we kissed, I noticed that an enormous weight was being auratically released from my body, ringlike from my skull to my feet. Three weeks later I was ten kilograms lighter.
– I believe, Magnificence is brilliantly versatile.
– The elegant spirit couples the highest sensibility and most exhilarating temperament at the moment of Redress.
– He wasn’t able to ride in any car due to his severe asthma, but in the Citroen “Duck” it worked: the roof of the car opened up and he would hold his head out for fresh air.
– Because I’m a left-handed writer, I can move the ring over the knuckle well. My fingers are thinner on the left hand. Now I wear my own ring there. “Josef 1907” is engraved and after Berta’s death, Ida had a ruby put on it. Meanwhile, I can hardly move the ring off my right hand. One day I’ll have to slice it off perhaps, but then Ludwig might not be willing to wear it.
– I start friendship with Lusty Pleasure and end it with Measure.

Players in the exhibition:
Cloaked Collusion
Counterfeit Countenance
Crafty Conveyance
Fancy and Folly (Brothers)
Courtly Collusion and Courtly
Good Hope
Lusty Pleasure
Sad Circumspection
Liberty (Sister of Felicity)
Felicity (Sister of Liberty)

Art Work



Process Pictures:


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