Stephan Schacher(Switzerland/New York)


Stephan Schacher is a Zürich born artist who lives now in New York. His photography mainly focuses on document, fashion and portrait. “31 Days Project” is about taking 31 portraits of interesting people in Zurich and Kunming,  asking the simple question “How would you change the world in 31 days?” The same concept he did was in New York with a tremendous success, with his exhibition  “31 Days, 31 Ways, 31 Minds” in New York and Switzerland. And he would repeat this concept in other global cities, such as Shanghai, Buenos Aires, London, and Moscow.

Portraits in Kunming:

Day 1    Shen Jie(Bunny), illustrator

Day 2    Cui Changjian, CSA restaurant owner

Day 3    Lan Tian, Graphic designer

Day 4    Qiu Guandin, farmer woman

Day 5    Yuan Yujue, skateboarder

Day 6    Shi Ming, photographer/curator of Dali international photo exhibition

Day 7    Chen Yutong, freelancer

Day 8    Jin Feibao, explorer

Day 9    Huang Xibei, singer

Day 10   Han Xiangning, artist

Day 11   Ron Jie, artist

Day 12   Gong  jiaju, coffee shop owner

Day 13   Hu Libo, art editor

Day 14   David, tattoo artist

Day 15   He Jianyin, coffee bar stuff

Day 16   Shi hongbin, motorcycle rallye organizer

Day 17   Zhang Liwei, pilot

Day 18   Shi Zhijie, fashion designer

Day 19   Wang Shanshan, MUSE CLUB fashion store owner

Day 20   Li ji, artist

Day 21   Yang Hongming, rice wine producer

Day 22   Yi Sicheng,  curator of Yun Documentary filmfestival

Day 23   Yang Taiyu(A Ling), cloth-pasting artist, jewelry designer

Day 24   Wang  Hu,  architect/product designer

Day 25   Li Mo(Lao Han),  musician

Day 26   Wang  Han, creative director

Day 27   Chen Wei, fashion stylist

Day 28   Li Zonghan,  biology student

Day 29   Du Fei, dancer

Day 30   Ma Li, bookstore owner/drummer

Day 31   Liu lifen, artist



Process in Kunming




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