Tuan Mami’s exhibition “The Cover”


“The Cover”
Vietnamese Artist Tuan Mami’s solo exhibition

Oil Paintings, performance photos, and live performance at the opening!

Curator: Liu Lifen
Opening: 20:00pm, March 13, 2009
Duration: March 13-23, 2009
Address: YUNART Gallery, 16 East Cuihu Road, Kunming
Tel: 5166972, 5166077

with support from: YUNART Gallery, Dongxi Gallery, 943 Studio

Artist’s statement:

The thing that I concern the most is to deeply understand about the substance of a human being’s
existence. Therefore, I have a strong desire of understanding myself more as well as the
complicated connection between individual and society. It could bring me to a wider and purer
view to the world. My works is the mixture of imagination and the truth of deep thought like the
border line between reality and dreams.
I can see you and myself in that space!

Tuan Mami March,2009!

 Tuan Mami’s Art Work 

performance from the opening



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