Improvisation Dance Workshop by Vangelis Legakis


Improvisation Dance Workshop by Vangelis Legakis
Date: May 10, 17, 24, 31, 19-21:30pm
Fee: ¥420 (¥120 per time)
Workshop is conducted in English with Chinese translation
Booking: 65385159
Venue:ContemporaryYunnan Gallery, A zone, Jin Ding 1919•Loft, North JinDingShan Lu No.24, Kunming(650031),Yunnan, China

Vangelis will teach principles of dance and energy work focusing on the six senses, the feeling of the present, dance and choreography so as to fuse spirituality with performance and dance. The participants will have the chance to explore creative movement to find individual voices, communicate and express their inner emotions. The workshop is open to all disregarding their professional background and/or art discipline.

The sessions will be focused on energy work through Kundalini Yoga, meditation and Reiki to enhance energy levels and awareness. Special focus will be given to the heart energy center to dance out of love and compassion. Vangelis will incorporate improvisation and dance coordination methodologies that are accessible to all, and analyse the structure of emotions and feelings to reach a deep meditative dance practice.

The workshop aims to enhance performance, creativity, expression through dance, awareness, spirituality and develop perception and consciousness in performance and everyday life.

Vangelis, Greek – UK based, is a performer, choreographer and therapist. He has been teaching for many years in Latin America, Europe and Asia integrating dance with spirituality. He has originated novel ways to enhance performance and presence based on eastern and western philosophies – and on studies of emotions, feelings and human behaviour.[/lang_en]

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