Welcome–photograph exhibition by Raoul Müller(Zurich)

Zurich – Kunming Artist-in-residence Exchange Program 2011 at 943 Studio


Welcome –photograph exhibition 
Reception: 14-20pm, April 16, 2011
Location: Room 601, 2 Dan Yuan, 4 Dong, Jiao Ling Gong Yu, Jiao Ling Road

no.186, Kunming, China

Raoul Müller(Zurich)
Artist-in-residence period: Nov 29, 2010 – May 2, 2011

Artist Statement:
While traveling through China during the Spring Festival I was fascinated by two traditional things: the beautiful big head masks, which represent different characters, and New Year Pictures, which have a sentimental touch and are bought to bring good luck in the upcoming year. The masks and the pictures show a perfect, very happy and contended everyday life, a very kitschy life. But on the contrary the daily reality shows another side of the coin.
The work titled “Journey to the east” is made of these traditional Spring Festival props (requisites). I’ve used them to make posters with myself in it and reinterpret the world of happiness and good luck.

Works made in Kunming:

              东游记 Journey to the East, Ink print on paper, 56 x 38.5cm, 2011


          竹河 Bamboo River, Ink print on rice paper, 33 x 185cm, 2011

搁浅 Stranded, Ink print on paper, 38.5 x 56cm, 2011


更美好的生活 Life more beautiful, Ink print on paper, 38.5 x 56cm, 2011



Previous Works

匿名 Incognito, 82张反底片幻灯     slideshow with 82 diapositive, 2010

Raoul in Kunming

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