Who is Holden?

【谁是霍尔顿?“Who is Holden? 】



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Who is Holden?
by Shaoshuang Guan
What amazed me, after I read The Catcher in the Rye (by Jerome David Salinger), is how did the author predict and simulate the metal activities of youth like Holden Caulfield, whi- ch always arouses echo among readers, even today. The protagonist in the novel, Holden, is a self-abased, self-centered, egotistical, cynical and maverick juvenile. His birth is almo- st the sketch of his critique about the world, and he is fated to be the rebel fighting against the whole world. However, the society is serving for the majorities.
‘The world is so unfair, but no rules can be broken.’
‘The Holden(s)’ are born to be misfitted. We are reckoned as ‘rebels’ automatically becaus- e we are different, and the loneliness that merging us is the price of our difference. Yet, we cannot drown in the loneliness. There is a tactic monster inside anyone of us, and we will be the ‘anti-hero’ in our era. The monster is roaring. Teens are abandoning the light from t- he world, grabbing our brush, camera and guitar, heading towards a planet that no one kn- ows.
‘If I am not Andy Warhol,’
‘and will never become John Lennon,’
‘then where should I place my loneliness?’
‘The monster in you shall move the world.’
Who is Holden? No one, or every one is. He is just an undefined and faltering youth. 
霍尔顿工作室(Holden Studio)”成立于2014年12月20日,由管韶爽(圆神)创办发起,并邀请管郁达、杨冬冬作为艺术指导。初期成员六人——李旻遥(牙医)、李若寒(狗蛋)、李彦锦(半仙)、李思奇(小倩)、刘嘉豪(黑人)、管韶爽(圆神),其前身是昆明市云南师大附中美华国际高中的摄影部。成员均为95后,从摄影、绘画到设计、音乐都有涉猎。工作室名字来源于美国小说家塞林格(Jerome David Salinger)的成长型小说《麦田里的守望者》中的主人公——霍尔顿·考尔菲德(Holden Caulfield),意指那些“自卑、自负又自我的年轻人”。2014年5月17日,应刘丽芬女士和昆明苔画廊邀请,“霍尔顿工作室”管韶爽、李若寒、李旻遥、李彦锦四位成员,将在苔画廊举办题为“谁是霍尔顿?”的工作室首展。今后随着成员们五湖四海、各自东西,工作室的活动也将逐步拓展到国内外。我们在寻找,像霍尔顿一样、像怪物一样与众不同的少年。“Who is Holden?(谁是霍尔顿?)”或许,每个人都将用自己的作品和行动做出回答。
Guan-Shaoshuang-管韶爽《蘑菇》综合材料,油画板40x30cm2015 李彦锦《咆哮》30x40cm-2015 李若寒《在二月五十七日的我的腐烂》布面拼贴30x40cm-2015 李若寒《思春期02》布面油画-30x40cm2015 李若寒《思春期01》布面油画30x40cm-2015 李若寒《明天考物理我的眼泪掉下来》布面油画-40x30cm2015 李若寒《弟弟》部面拼贴-20x30cm2015 李若寒《白日梦》布面油画30x50cm-2015 李若寒-《全世界最刚的人》50x30cm布面油画2015 管韶爽无题油画板拼贴绘画-24x30cm-2015 管韶爽《カメラマン》马克笔,油画板40x30cm2015 管韶爽《Manga1》马克笔油画板-30x40cm-2015 管韶爽《恶之花》纸本马克笔2013 50-50 50-50- 50-34.89 50-33.3 50-30.34 50-29.47(修改版) 50-28.4
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